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 Radiologic Technologists and Ultrasound Technologist provide state-of-the-art services, including , digital fluoroscopy, digital mammography, ultrasound, CT scan testing, MRI, and DEXA scan bone density testing and Interventional Radiography (biopsies, PICC Lines, etc.) Nuclear Medicine testing is also available through the SCCH Radiology Department.

Most radiologic services are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The SCCH Radiology Department is staffed by board-certified radiologists and licensed radiologic technologists certified by the American Registry of Radiological Technologists and the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers.

How can SCCH Radiology help you?
Digital Mammography at SCCH

Digital Mammography is just one SCCH Radiology Department service that provides the highest quality, most technologically advanced healthcare possible to area patients. It offers a number of advantages over traditional mammograms. A digital mammogram delivers computer images that can be electronically enhanced by the radiologist, enabling the doctor to zoom in, magnify, and optimize different parts of the breast tissue using just four standard pictures. Readability and interpretation of the images are enhanced, so the physician can focus on areas of concern. In addition, these digital images can be stored on the computer and transferred throughout the patient’s care network.

Digital mammograms are generally recommended for women with dense breast tissue, breast implants, or for those who have had abnormalities in the past. Women in the Sullivan County area will no longer require referral to facilities outside of the county for their annual mammogram. Now, they can receive up-to-date imaging in a comfortable environment, close to their home and workplace.

A digital mammography exam generally takes about half the time of traditional mammograms, and there is less chance of being called back to retake images.

To schedule an appointment for a digital mammogram, please call (812) 268-4311, ext 2281.

Screening Echocardiograms for Student Athletes

In conjunction with the Sullivan County Community Hospital Foundation and cardiologist Dr. Emmanuel Favila, SCCH’s Radiology Department provides screening echocardiograms to student athletes at no cost to the student. Athletes eligible are those from 6th grade to 12th grade. Screening Echocardiograms are used to detect certain congenital heart defects which may lead to problems when the student participates in sports activities. Appointments may be made by contacting the Radiology Department at (812) 268-4311, ext 2281.

A release form (see link below) must be signed by a parent or guardian before the test can be performed.