Safety of our patients, visitors, and staff is very important to us at Sullivan County Community Hospital. Our staff adhere to strict safety standards in all areas. There are simple precautions you can take to help assure your safety while at our hospital.

In Your Room
  •     Please check with the nursing staff before getting out of bed without assistance or having a family member assist you.
  •     Do not attempt to raise or lower the bed rails or lean too far out of your bed. Call for assistance when you need it.
  •     Wear skid-resistant bedroom slippers or shoes whenever you get out of bed.
  •     Do not walk on wet areas when the floors are being cleaned.
  •     Do not attempt to get in or out of a wheelchair without assistance.
  •     If you are permitted by your physician to get up, sit on the edge of the bed for a few minutes before starting to walk

Your doctor will order, from the hospital’s pharmacy, whatever medication you may need while you are here. For your safety, do not take medications brought from home. It is very important to let your nurse know the names of all medications you are taking. Medications from home must be taken home by family members or given to your nurse for storage in our pharmacy until your discharge.


Emergency Safety

Sullivan County Community Hospital conducts routine safety drills to maintain our staff’s competence in handling emergency situations. These are conducted for your safety and include fire drills, tornado drills, and others. If a drill is conducted in your area, please follow all instructions. Please be assured that if a real fire or emergency situation were to occur, our staff will respond quickly to maintain your safety.

Hospital Security

Maintenance personnel is responsible for controlling traffic and short-term parking on hospital lots. They also investigate any incident involving the personal safety of patients, employees, and visitors. To report an incident anywhere in or around the hospital, notify the Department Director, Coordinator, or Administrator.

Protecting Your Belongings

All jewelry, credit cards, large sums of money, and other valuables should be sent home with your family. Please inform our nursing staff when valuables are sent with family members so it may be documented on your record. If it is not possible to send items with your family, valuables may be stored in the hospital safe.

You are encouraged to pay special attention to glasses, dentures, watches, and other breakable personal items. Sullivan County Community Hospital is not responsible for breakage or loss of any personal belongings. Personal items have a greater chance of being lost when you are transferred to another room. If you anticipate a move to another room, have a family member look after your belongings.

Safety codes do not permit you to bring personal television sets or portable heaters for use in the hospital. Other electric appliances, such as hair dryers and electric shavers, must be inspected by the Maintenance Department to make sure each item meets hospital safety codes. Please notify your nurse to request this service.