Medicare/SHIP Assistance

Sullivan County Community Hospital now offers free SHIP counseling

call 812.268.4311 ext 2413

What is SHIP?


A free counseling service provided by the Indiana State Department of Insurance and the Administration on Community Living.

SHIP provides free, impartial information to help consumers make decisions regarding their Medicare health insurance options related to Medicare. They strive to help consumers make wise choices and get the most value for their Medicare health insurance dollars. 

SHIP is staffed by a crew of over 425 counselors who have completed an intensive 30-hour training course and are certified by the Indiana State Department of Insurance. Regular training updates keep them current with the most recent changes in Medicare and other health care insurance options. There are over 100 SHIP sites throughout Indiana. Ship also provides training to other agencies that serve people with Medicare.

What SHIP Does:

 Provides educational materials and brochures

Educates beneficiaries so that they can understand Medicare, file claims, and appeal Medicare decisions

Informs consumers of their rights as a Medicare Beneficiary or health insurance policy holder.

Shows consumers how to evaluate the various Medicare Part D, Supplement, Medicare Advantage, and Long Term Care insurance policies currently available.

Refers clients to appropriate agencies where they can get help with other needs.

Assists clients with finding programs that help pay for what Medicare doesn’t cover.

Provides speakers to make presentations to groups.