General Guidelines

Requests for sponsorships, donations or assistance that are not part of the operational Marketing or Public Relations plans must be submitted in writing using the Community Sponsorship/Donation Request Form found below.

Preference is given to projects related to the following:

  • Health needs identified through the Sullivan County Community Health Needs Assessment
  • Support unmet community health and or social service needs
  • Education
  • Civic/community events
  • Economic /community development
  • Arts and cultural efforts

Please note: 

The requestor does not have to be affiliated with SCCH; however, SCCH employees will be given precedence if all criteria is met equally among requestors.

 Sponsorships and charitable contributions will vary and will be reviewed on an individual basis.


  • Individuals, including persons who are seeking financial support for their individual participation in a fundraising effort or event.
  • Patients or other individuals requesting funds for their private use – regardless of the intent of need.
  • Individuals seeking to defray the costs of a patient’s health care by conducting fundraising events or other activities. Due to the volume of such requests, varying types, and inability to manage all such requests, we do not participate in promoting, funding, or coordinating such activities.
  • Political causes or candidates
  • Private athletic teams and athletic fundraising events not associated with area schools, municipalities or civic organizations.
  • Programs outside the SCCH Service Area.

How to Apply:

Formal requests for donations and sponsorships should be made by completing the Community Sponsorship/Donation Request Form below. Please submit the form at least six weeks before your event.

SCCH Sponsorship/Donation Form
Please complete the form below to be considered for a sponsorship, donation or paid advertisement by SCCH.
SCCH Sponsorship/Donation Form

SCCH Sponsorship/Donation Form

Name of Requestor
Name of Requestor
Is this a 501(c) non-profit agency?
Does the sponsorship include a program advertisement?

Complete the form online, email or fax the completed form, or print and complete and send to:

        SCCH Marketing & Public Relations

        2200 N. Section Street

        P.O. Box 10

        Sullivan, IN 47882-0010


        Fax: 812-268-2650

Requests up to $500 will be approved by the CEO. Requests in excess of $500 will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and require the approval of the CEO.  SCCH reserves the right to deny any request, at its sole discretion. Funding in prior years does not guarantee continued funding in any subsequent year.

Requests are evaluated once per month. Applicants will be notified of approval or denial via email. Questions should be directed to the Marketing Department, 812-268-4311, ext. 2365.