March 4, 2022

Sullivan County Community Hospital is updating its visitor policy as of March 4, 2022.

Visitor restrictions have been removed from the hospital with the exception of the Covid unit.

As in the pre-pandemic period, discretion will be used in evaluating populated areas like lobbies and waiting rooms, or in observance of a patient’s condition and or patient/visitor behavior.

Patients and visitors will continue to be screened and encouraged to use a mask. In accordance with the CDC, hospital employees will continue to wear isolation masks. Unvaccinated staff and those working in the ER, QuickCare, and the Covid unit are required to wear an N95 mask.

The QuickCare Clinic will return to providing services to all patients, including patients with respiratory symptoms. The clinic also will support outpatient respiratory testing orders from providers outside the SCCH system.

SCCH clinics’ waiting rooms will be open only to patients/ visitors who have a negative health screen. Patients with respiratory problems or who screen positive are required to wait in their vehicles and will be called directly into the exam rooms.

Thank you.