February 19, 2021

(Sullivan, IN): February 19, 2021:  Sullivan County Community Hospital is updating its visitor policy as of Monday, February 22.

Current Visitor Restrictions:

  • Limited to one visitor for the non-Covid unit patient;
  • Limited to one visitor for the OB patient;
  • Limited to one for the Outpatient Surgery patient (and must remain in the Outpatient Surgery area for the duration of the surgery);
  • Limited to 2 visitors at end of life situations;
  • Limited to those 18 years of age and older; and
  • Is dependent upon the ability to successfully pass temperature and screening criteria.

There will still be no visitors allowed in any outpatient department (ER, Infusion Services, Lab, Radiology, RT, Rehab Services, Pain, any clinic).  No visitors are allowed on the Covid unit.

The only exceptions to the “No Visitor” rule is if the patient is a minor, if the patient has a mental (including dementia), physical, or developmental disability, or if the patient is at the end of life.


If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Leslie Lentz at 812-268-4311, ext. 2362 or email at leslie.lentz@schosp2.aimsrvr2.com.