With aging comes many life changes and transitions, and many seniors are reluctant to discuss their anxieties in fear of appearing weak or fragile.

Turning Leaf is an intensive structured outpatient therapy program, provided by Sullivan County Community Hospital, to help seniors transition through late adulthood.

  • Grief and loss
  • Changes/loss of health
  • Anxiety, nervousness, worry
  • Relationships
  • Depression
  • Aging / failing memory
  • Change in eating / sleeping patterns
  • Relaxation skills

Who can make referrals to the program?

Referrals may be made by health care providers, social workers, senior service providers, self, family or others concerned

How do I know if I, or my loved one, qualifies for the program?

Turning Leaf offers a free confidential assessment for the purpose of determining appropriateness for the program. Those age 60 and above are eligible for services.

How does group counseling help?

Talking with peers and a clinician in a group setting, and sharing the challenges and anxieties associated with aging, can help alleviate symptoms that may interfere with the individual’s ability to function. Topics shared may include the loss of a loved one, the transition into retirement, feeling blue or depressed, or adjusting to a new home environment.

Turning Leaf is a Medicare-approved provider.

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