The role of the SCCH Laboratory is to provide objective, accurate information to assist in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of the patient as well as provide information for the practice of preventive medicine.

SCCH offers a full range of laboratory services including coagulation, urinalysis, hematology, microbiology, clinical chemistry, blood bank and non-DOT drug screen collections.

SCCH’s laboratory is accredited by the Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program of the AOA (HFAP). The laboratory also holds licensure from the State of Indiana and the Health Care Finance Administration in the form of a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act License. Performance improvement programs and periodic proficiency testing provided and monitored by outside agencies verify the integrity of the services offered by the laboratory.

The SCCH lab is open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Inpatients and ER patients are given priority status for testing.

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