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Sullivan County Community Hospital is committed to serving the healthcare needs of all of its patients, regardless of their ability to pay. As part of its mission to improve the health of its patients and community through innovations and excellence in care, education and service, Sullivan County Community Hospital values charity, equality and justice in health care.

Sullivan County Community Hospital has established a Financial Assistance Policy to better serve those in need of emergency and medically necessary services without the necessary means to pay.

Click here for access to our Financial Assistance Policy.

In accordance of the 501 (r) charity requirements, below is considered the “Plain Language Summary” of Sullivan County Community Hospitals Financial Assistance Policy which will accompany all billing statements and be presented to patients during all financial discussions.

To provide high quality healthcare and wellness services for the community, Sullivan County Community Hospital is committed to providing affordable care to individuals who are in need of emergency or medically necessary treatment and have a household income 100% to 200% below The Federal Poverty Level Guidelines.  Individuals who qualify for financial assistance will not be charged more than the average amounts generally billed to insurance patients, for emergency or medically necessary care.

Financial Counselors are available Monday – Friday 7:30 am until 4:00 pm to discuss the application process or to obtain more information on amounts charged at (812) 268-2654. You also may submit questions to billing@schosp.com .

Sullivan County Community Hospital will not pursue extraordinary collections actions against an individual without first using reasonable efforts to determine is eligible for financial assistance.

For a copy of the entire Financial Assistance Policy and/or an Application for Financial Assistance, patients can:

  • Request in person at Sullivan County Community Hospital located at 2200 N. Section St. Sullivan, IN 47882; or
  • Request a copy by mail by calling (812) 268-2654; or
  • Mail a request to Sullivan County Community Hospitals Business Office, P.O. Box 10 Sullivan, IN 47882; or
  • Access it online: http://www.schosp.com

Click here for access to the Financial Assistance Application form.

For assistance with completing the application, or to schedule an appointment, ask to speak with a financial counselor.


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