Read about a patient's experience with SCCH Home Health!


William Eyre, Sullivan, IN, a retired construction worker, Labor Union Representative, and an enthusiastic outdoorsman, found himself in a vulnerable situation he had not faced before:  he needed professional care at home while recovering from a serious illness. 

When faced with a long course of treatment, it isn’t uncommon for patients to become blue and frustrated as they recuperate. “Intense treatments, like chemotherapy, can be difficult to tolerate for many patients, especially when they may be weakened by surgery and a lengthy hospital stay,” said Kenisha Simmons, RN, SCCH Home Health Director.  “We know it is vital to assess the patient’s mental health, as well as their physical well-being, to determine the right care plan for their recovery. Stress, anger, sadness, or a number of other strong emotions can come into play.”

Eyre believes the staff at Sullivan County Community Hospital Home Health was instrumental in his healing process.  “It wasn’t just the physical help I received from the home health staff, but the emotional support, as well, that helped me recover,” Eyre said. “The doctors and nurses told me my attitude was just as important to my recovery as the medicines, and they were right. I’m very grateful for the compassionate care I received.”

A complete recovery from his illness allows Mr. Eyre to return to an active, vigorous lifestyle—traveling, enjoying his love of riding mules, handcrafting rifles, and enjoying a full quality of life with his beautiful wife, Helen.  “If it wasn’t for the wonderful care I received from my doctors and the nurses at Sullivan Hospital Home Health, who knows where I’d be today,” Eyre said.




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