Read a success story about our Care Coordination Program!


Our Care Coordinator, Ashley Kilpatrick, RN, shares a success story about one of her patients and how the Care Coordination program helps keep senior patients from being admitted, and readmitted, to the hospital.

"I arrived for a routine visit with one of my Care Coordination patients. This patient was previously on our top 10% list for an  inpatient/ER visit for recurrent exacerbation’s of COPD.

The patient reported upon arrival that she felt she was coming down with a “cold” and already had an appointment scheduled. My assessment revealed this patient was positive for coarse lung sounds, was having difficulty sleeping, had a moist-productive cough and had an elevated heart rate.

While she had voiced she scheduled an appointment, it wasn’t until 3 weeks later!

Through Care Coordination, this patient was scheduled with the nurse practitioner to be seen that same week (within 48 hours). She was started on steroids and an antibiotic. She voiced appreciation for the help with managing her COPD. She also remains smoke free!

I am certain this patient avoided an ER visit as we caught the infection early and was able to coordinate a timely, appropriate follow up. "

 For more information on the Care Coordination Program, call (812) 268-4311, ext. 2471.

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